OS/VoA 25-man

t7-gloves2I have been toying with the idea of doing a 25-man for a week or two. I am still finding it a challenge to fit in seemlessly and being prone to panic when the smallest thing goes wrong, is not a personality trait that lends itself to successful PUGs. I am learning to panic less, worry less, care less whilst doing more. I am not the same person game wise that I was six weeks ago when I started doing instances. In fact, I am realizing that I am holding on to the panic button just because it’s there and I think it may be time to stop.

I was putting on my auctions today when the usual trade channel requests started for a OS 25-man pug. It caught my eye as the group was ready to go, except for 1 healer spot. Chris noticed it too and said ‘go for it’, so I whispered the raid leader and offered to log in my resto druid. He checked her out on the armory and then said ‘yes, please.’ Five minutes later I was in OS for my first 25-man. It was one of the best 20-minutes ever spent. The group was experienced and very well organized for a PUG. By the second drake we were pulling trash and pats simultaneously and by the time we hit the third drake, we just pulled the boss and the trash together. No wipes, two people died in total and twenty minutes later, Sartharion was down. I got lucky again and got the token for the T7 gloves. They’re green and really doesn’t match with anything else I currently have, but I’m trying to think ‘stats, stats, stats’ to make up for any aesthetic disappointment.

It was extraordinarily easy. I’m sure that is courtesy of the group rather than personal skill, but it was a great start to new things. I liked the fact that I was one of the people that kept saying ‘can we speed this up please’ when players were standing around for no obvious reason. I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to think about my hands or wrists at all. I didn’t miss a single spell and yes, I did dislocate my wrist with the lava runs, but I did not get hit, did not stop healing and found a great way to just sort of shrug it back in by twisting my arm whilst spells were on the global cooldown. Amazing what one can accomplish in 1.5 seconds if you put your mind to it. I know better than to pay a lot of attention to damage / healing metres, but I did find it reassuring that I was a comfortable second on the metre and did more than 20% of the total healing.

VoA was even easier. Good group – four healers, two tanks and lots of DPS. Cleared from start to finish very quickly first time round. I love both the organization and certain level of chaos when 25 people PUG, but I can’t help wondering how much better it would be if there was less chaos and more strategy.

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