I am not Prince Hamlet

I’m content to be deferential. I usually do my daily heroics with people who ask me rather than trying to ask them. I enjoy being available and as in most cases, I’m not particularly interested in anything specific, I find fitting in with other people’s plans a comfortable place to be. And also, I just like being asked and really dislike asking. It’s nice to be approached and appreciated, not so nice to try and put a group together and have it take an hour or disintegrate mid-way. That said, it’s nice to have aims and achievements, but mostly, I’m finding that there is so many different ways to play. There’s the leisurely runs and the adrenaline rushes when people start to push the boundaries a little. There’s the first time experiences and the awe of content I haven’t seen and yes, I still find quite a bit of it awesome, and then there’s the comfort that experience brings and the amazing feat of actually being able to run back to my body without needing a guide. This week as been another not-so-good week health-wise, but being able to run a few heroics and in the process forget that I’m not feeling all that well, does make me a little more cheerful. I’ve learned a few warcraft and possibly life lessons too that deserves a mention. Favourite warcraft moments of the week:

  1. wowscrnshot_022409_0024363Learning how to say no. I was asked nicely to heal a heroic HoS run and agreed. Inspecting party members on arrival I realized with a sinking feeling that we almost certainly did not have the DPS to complete the event. But the tank who asked were skilled and nice and so I stayed and gave it a go. First couple of bosses wasn’t a big problem, but the event fell apart pretty quickly. I was polite and patient and forthcoming, but also left the party just like I said I would after the third wipe. It was a great feeling not to feel as if I had to stick around and pay a huge repair bill even though I didn’t want to. I wanted to leave and I did so diplomatically.
  2. If someone dies it’s not always my fault. As a healer I feel responsible for people. Or maybe I just feel reponsible and so I play a healer. It’s part of the experience for me. I like feeling responsible. I enjoy keeping people alive a lot more than I enjoy killing things. I also tend to feel reponsible for every wipe, like healers tend to do. I always feel as if I just wasn’t quick enough, or didn’t anticipate damage just right or maybe I just didn’t follow the strategy just the way I should have. There was a moment in a Violet Hold heroic run this week that made me realize that when everybody always tells me that it’s a group effort with shared responsibility, they’re right. Damage happens, sometimes when it should and sometimes because somebody screws up. Nobody plays perfectly all the time. Sometimes I may get caught out, but so does everybody else. It’s not my job to fix other people’s mistakes. Sometimes, when things go wrong, they’re just not fixable and I really shouldn’t expect myself to be able to heal everybody through everything.
  3. Three more heroic dungeons ticked off the ‘first time’ list. Only two and a bit to go…
  4. My first time ever in Magister’s Terrace. Three of us ran it on normal and then on heroic just because we could. And then having the Swift White Hawkstrider mount drop. Really enjoyed getting Achievement: Magister’s Terrace, shortly followed by Achievement: Heroic: Magister’s Terrace, instantly followed by Achievement: Swift White Hawkstrider. Did I mention that I’m starting to really like achievements? Quite like the mount too…
  5. My ultimate favourite is the old kingdom heroic run where we didn’t have enough DPS to kill the first twilight volunteer in time. Jedoga Shadowseeker enraged and all three DPS died instantly. The rest of the fight was just me and a very skilled DK. We definitely did not have the DPS to kill any volunteers, so just didn’t bother. He blew trinkets and cooldowns and I miraculously managed to keep us both alive longer than the boss.

3 thoughts on “I am not Prince Hamlet

  1. As one of the quickly dead dps in the fifth on this list I’d like to point out that lil and the DK duoed the boss down from about 80% to its death, and it enraged around 8 or 9 times in that period.

    Took them a looooong time, but very impressive.

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