Women and raiding

Gender differences keep popping up this week. I paged through my copy of ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ again and found it a rather disconcerting experience, as if I don’t live up to expectations. I don’t like shoes. I can’t multi-task. I don’t comment on Chris’ driving. I never spend hours on the phone. I want to be left alone when I’m upset and the phrase ‘we need to talk’ makes me cringe. That said, I do rearrange the fridge, I do love to talk sometimes, I have no sense of direction or spacial awareness, I have been known to reach for those overwhelmingly emotional and all inclusive statements, you know – “The house is always a mess!”, “Nothing is working”, “No one listens to me anymore” etc. Stereotypes can be useful and I do love ’em when they apply, but they can really screw up your day when they don’t.

When it comes to WoW and raiding, I think Sydera has got it covered in on women and raiding guilds. I just don’t agree that the anonimity of the game level the playing field. I don’t mind not knowing if the person I’m playing with are male or female or if they’re 15 or 50, but I like knowing. Playing with friends are that much nicer than player with strangers and I do fit the female stereotype that it’s as much, if not more, about the players as it is about the game. On that note, gender differences aren’t all bad and sometimes, it can be down right fun. See below.

Girls and Raiding