Staying interested and occupied

fishingI’m experiencing a general warcraft lull at the moment. Raiding raiding guilds and the sites that are written by or for them have run out of content and there is a general dissatisfaction of ‘what to do whilst we wait’. There is more variation on the theme of general discontent and apathy. I get the sense that quite a few people are feeling a bit stuck as they’re either struggling to find groups to run heroics to gear for 10-mans or stuck trying to find enough 10-mans to gear for 25-mans or stuck on the last bits of challenging content, like Sartharion with three drakes, to be finished before the next patch.

Most days, I still feel a little like a very late newcomer. Six weeks after deciding to actually play warcraft instead of playing at playing, I’m reaching a point where I am starting to think about what’s next on the to-do list. The fact that I haven’t done any end-game at all until about a month or so ago does have the upside that there is still plenty of content for me to explore. There’s still four dungeons I haven’t run on normal, seven heroics I haven’t set foot in, I haven’t seen the Contruct Quarter or Frostwyrm Lair on 10-man Naxx and haven’t even thought past that point at all. At the moment, I’m running 1-2 instances a day and if I keep doing so, will run out of firsts within the next week. I’m quite happy to continue running heroics after that for a while longer, particularly as there are other achievements attached to them, but motivation to do so is fading. And I can’t spend my days fishing up salmon in the rivers of Grizzly Hills.

I need 3 more badges and 800 Kirin Tor rep points and my character will be in full level 200 epics. I guess there’s a few upgrade points to be had from different level 200 epics, but I really dislike the idea of aiming for such minor changes. Gear isn’t everything though. It’s an easy target to replace the loss of my xp bar and I do love the idea of better stats so that I can do a better job, but I don’t play for gear. I play for fun. Finding the fun is getting a little harder as pick-up groups so often fall apart within the first ten minutes of a run, but being a healer, at least there’s rarely a shortage of demand and I can keep at it for a bit to find a reasonable group or just downgrade to an easier heroic.

I’m trying not to think too much about next week and next month, but occasionally, the thought does sneak past me. Where will I be in a month? What will I be doing in-game? It’s a relief to realize that although I’ve had my share of health drama this last month, it has not barred me from playing. It is a very nice change to think about my wow future and not to think about dislocations. Six weeks ago I refused to join an instance run, ‘because what if my finger dislocates?’. Now, I find my anxiety amusing as I think about running around in Naxx by pressing down the mouse keys with a dislocated finger as I yell ‘ouch, ouch, ouch’ or navigating my way through the lava waves in OS with a dislocated wrist or jumping up and down weirdly in the nexus courtosy of a dislocated thumb.

Sometimes, life is about improvement and sometimes, it’s about playing the hand you were dealt. I’ve tried to prevent dislocations from happening by not doing the things that make them dislocate. I stopped walking, stopped hiking, stopped swimming, stopped cooking, stopped working, stopped playing the guitar and the piano, stopped typing and at some point it begins to feel a little as if I’ve stopped living. What’s the point in that then? I dislocate a finger brushing my teeth and my wrist sometimes pop out just by turning it. I can’t stop it from happening. I’ve tried both lifestyle and medical route and neither with any real success. It’s a waste of time and money to keep chasing after things to fix me. My life is what it is and my joints just are the way they are and the worst thing I can possibly do for myself is to stop doing the things I enjoy doing. And that includes playing warcraft. Where will I be in-game in a month or two? I don’t really care, as long as I’m still playing and having fun doing so.


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