Frostfire Mages

I have rolled my share of alts and have on occasion seriously considered changing my main, but I always come back to my night elf druid. Chris never had any difficulty choosing his class, he rolled a mage and never looked back.

I’ve been learning about magy things for a while now, it’s a bit difficult not to be curious as MageAlert yells out ‘hot streak’ every time it procs, which is surpringly often, from Chris’ desk on the other side of the room. I have been referring to a wow insider article to at least appear more informed than I actually am. I’m blatantly waffling this post just to get that link up there so I can find it quickly.

I’m easily caught up in the stats and strategy of the game and spend more time reading and thinking about playing than I spend playing. Chris on the other hand, stick to wowinsider podcasts and posts over his morning coffee and chooses to spend his WoW time in-game. It’s a good reminder at the end of the above mentioned article that after the talents, builds, spell rotation, glyphs and stats there’s one more important thing to mention – fun. Well, two really, there’s also the compulsory mention of killing warlocks.