Noth the Plaguebringer (10-man Naxx)

A two-phase encounter with three rounds after which Noth will Beserker rage and increase damage by 1000%. Phase one is the ‘ground phase’ that lasts 110 seconds at which point he will teleport up and phase two begins, lasts for 70 seconds and when he teleports back down it repeat phase 1.

Phase 1

  • Curse of the plaguebringer: Casts a plague on three players which has to be dispelled within ten seconds or it will trigger wrath of the plaguebringer. Healing: Descurse promptly.
  • Cripple: Cast every time he blinks on players within melee range, reducing attack speed by 100% and movement speed and strength by 50% for 15 seconds. Healing: Dispelled by either a paladin, priest or warlock’s felhunter in a pinch.
  • Plagued Warriors: Summoned every thirty seconds. They use cleave, afflicting 110% normal melee damage to two targets. Healing: Pay special attention to everyone in melee range of the plagued warriors.

Phase 2

Phase 2:1 Two Champions, Phase 2:2 One champion and one guardian, Phase 2:3 two guardians.


There’s a few variations on the general theme. The first is to assign a couple of DPS to skeleton duty so that the adds are down at the end of phase 1. The second is to have the off-tank pick up the adds and to switch all DPS to burn down the skeletons quickly at the start of phase two whilst the main tank picks up the new adds. The advantage of the second strategy is that it’s possible to kill Noth if DPS is high enough before phase two starts. Healing note: Be aware that the damage output on the tank picking  the adds will exceed that of the tank on Noth once 4+ adds are picked up.


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