Naxxramas – The Plague Quarter

Ghouls, slime, gargoyles, bats, maggots, a giant fungal monster and two necromancers that look nothing like Anita Blake. I have been so busy learning the game mechanics that the lore aspect of warcraft has passed me by significantly. The plague quarter is the first time where I have felt that the characters were more than a mathematical puzzle. Noth went over to the dark side and lost his humanity in the process. Heigan is “the mastermind behind the plague cauldrons that turned the wilderness of Azeroth into the Plaguelands.” Loatheb is the unfortunate result of living plague meets bog beast. The plague quarter is a place of changed beings, a glimpse at the affecting and affected. It’s a theme that appeals to me.

Stoneskin Gargoyles

The stoneskin gargoyles are a perfect introduction and preview of what is to come. Reminiscent in shape of the vampires in Van Helsing, they heal themselves back up when at low health (30% seems to be the magic number) and add an AoE stacking DoT just to point out that the plague quarter will be a little trickier than the spider wing. They mostly come in two’s, presenting the choice of healing through double stacking stacking DoTs or pulling them apart and minimizing the damage. Stoneskin heals the caster for 40 000 every second for six seconds. As it’s a HoT, a DK’s Plague Strike and Blood Plague can simplify matters significantly.