The Arachnid Quarter (Spider Wing): Herding Cats – Spidery Things


Position casters and healers in the middle of the room (spread out and stay away from other healers) and tank as is in then kite Anub around the room when locust swarm hits. Avoid Impale (radiating spikes that knocks you in the air) and Locust Swarm (30 yard range stacking DoT that prevents all attacks). Two crypt guards (one in 10-man) is present at the beginning and one respawns periodically throughout. They are picked up by 1-2 OTs and apply a removable poison DoT. Corpse scarabs spawn from corpses and are AoE’d down.  Beserk (enrage) at 10 minutes.

Grand Widow Faerlina

No AoE if frenzy will be dispelled by sacrificing a worshipper. Avoid the Rain of Fire, remove poison – poison bolt volley will hit 3 (10-man) /5 (25-man) nearest players. Dispel frenzy every 60 seconds if required (and heal MT very well through frenzy). In normal, kill one of the worshippers when frenzy hits and in heroic, mind control and use its sacrifice ability. Enrage timer: 5 minutes as there will be no more worshippers to sacrifice to dispel frenzy.


Position both melee and range on the same side of the spider and frontal cone damage on MT only. Web wrap (20 seconds in and every 40 seconds thereafter) cocoons 1 (normal) or 2 (heroic) players against the wall. Web spray (40 seconds in and every 40 seconds thereafter) is a unavoidable 6 second stun. Necrotic Poison is a removable poison  applied by both Maexxna and her spiderlings (spawning 30 seconds in and every 40 seconds thereafter) and reduces healing by 90% for 30 seconds. Poison Shock should be removed from tank immediately as it does significant frontal cone damage. Soft enrage at 30% health.

The Plague Quarter: Herding Cats – Plaguey Things

Noth the Plaguebringer

A two-phase encounter with three rounds after which Noth will Beserker rage and increase damage by 1000%. Phase one is the ‘ground phase’ that lasts 110 seconds at which point he will teleport up and phase two begins, lasts for 70 seconds and when he teleports back down it repeat phase 1. Healing: Decurse and dispel magic (Cripple). Tanks take damage, but raid shouldn’t. When he blinks, intensive healing will be required for phase 2, but no decursing or dispel, so focus on healing MT through mortal strike (increase weapon damage by 100% and decrease healing by 50%) and raid through periodic damage.

Heigan the Unclean

Survive the Heigan Dance (avoid eruption) and as a healer, avoid spell distruption and decrepit feaver (20 yard range) by staying at max range from Heigan at all times.


Druid HoTs for Loatheb my way. First eight seconds of Necrotic Aura: Cast rejuvs or DPS a little. Seconds 9 – 11/12: Get swiftmend up on three targets and/or three stacks on one target.Seconds 12 – 13/14: Stack swiftmend on your targets to benefit from ticks during the window.At 13/14: Cast Wild Growth.At 15/16: Cast regrowth (1.9 second cast) or healing touch (2.9 second cast) to land inside the window.Inside the three second window: swiftmend, followed by 1-2 nourish (1.43 second cast). Cast Sequence: Eight seconds in cast Lifebloom x5 (3 for the bloom and 2-3x for the tick), wild growth, regrowth/healing touch. Inside window: Swiftmend, 1-2 nourish OR NS+HT, or tranquility.

The Military Quarter: Herding Cats – Deathknight Things

Instructor Razuvious

Normal: two understudies that may be controlled by any player using the orbs of domination.  Heroic: four understudies of which two should be offtanked and two should be mind controlled. Heal understudies during combat, raid should not take damage. Once Razuvius is down, heal raid tanks and raid as usual.

Gothik the Harvester

Raid will be split into two groups; left is the living side and right is the dead side. Strategy is to kill adds at an even pace on both sides and heal as per normal. When Gothik teleports down to the living side, just keep healing your side until the gates open and at this point, he should go down pretty fast, just keep healing as assigned or required.

Four Horsemen

On ten man: Healer and hybrid DPS tank in the back (Lady Blaumeux bandSir Zeliek), OT and healer right front (Baron Rivendare) and MT, healer and rest of raid left front (Thanw Korth’azz). Back two swap position every three marks and the front two swap bosses every three marks. On heroic, 2-4 healers assigned to the back and usually 2 in Korth’azz group and 1- 2 in Rivendare group. Korth’azz does damage to both tank and raid whilst Rivendare does heavy damage to the tank. Avoid Lady Blaumeax’s void zones in the back and you’re set.

The Construct Quarter: Herding Cats – Constructy Things


Heal the MT and OTs and whatever you do, don’t heal the rest of the raid.


Kited around the room. Stay out of the poison clouds, run to an open spot either where assigned or behind grobbulus when injected (don’t cleanse it). Tank takes continuous damage and off-tank periodic damage from adds. Enrage timer 12 minutes.


Don’t heal in the pipe as aggro starts building when you enter the pipe. Healers stay in range of tank and melee DPS unless you’re assigned to heal the person kiting the zombies. Mortal wound (stacking debuff on tank that reduces healing by 10%) makes healing progressively more difficult and be prepared to swap healing pre-emptively between MT and OT as tanking is swapped. Every 105 seconds decimate hits and reduce raid as well as zombie health to 5%, be ready to heal back up and burn down zombies which will now be running toward Gluth. Enrage (increase attack speed by 25/100% for 8 sec) can be removed by a hunter (tranquilising shot) or rogue (anaesthetic poison).


Stalaag and Feugan need to go down within seconds of each other. AoE healer is needed for Feugen (as they also need to heal the raid) as his aura damages the raid, but only the tank takes damage on the Stalaag platform. Note the tank swap about every 15 seonds and don’t grab aggro. Polarity shift every 30 seconds, make sure you know where the positive and negative groups are suppose to be and swap appropriately. Keep tank in melee range at all times to avoid ball lightning and be aware of chain lightining that will hit 5/8 nearby targets. Beserk after six minutes.

Frostwyrm Lair: Herding Cats, Frostwyrm Things



Reading up and watching clips. Here’s a short list to start with: