Loatheb (10-man Naxx)

A short gauntlet of trash leads up to the last boss of the plague quarter. Loatheb is a DPS race and survival rests squarely on the skill of the healers as Loatheb has the ability to “control the power of healing itself”. It’s a single phase encounter that progressively worsens with time most definitely running out at 7 minutes when Loatheb will ‘enrage’ and start casting doom (which inflicts 4000 shadow damage to all players) every 15 seconds.

  • Necrotic Aura: Cast every 20 seconds and prevents any healing for 17 seconds, so healing for the complete fight can only take place in a window of 3 seconds out of 20. Affects a radius of 50 000 yards so most definitely unavoidable.
  • Summon Spore: Summons a sporeĀ  roughly every 30 seconds. Killing the spore triggers a 90 second buff that affects the closest five people in a 10 yard range. Crit is increased by 50% and spells generate no threat. It’s possible and advisable to keep the buff up for all players for the duration of the fight.
  • Deathbloom: Cast on a random player every 30 seconds, ticks 200 Nature damage every second for 6 seconds, followed by an additional 1200 Nature damage.
  • Inevitable doom: Inflicts 4000 Shadow damage to all players (100 yard radius) every 10 seconds. Loatheb starts casting doom about 2 minutes into the fight and casting frequency increases during the fight until it’s every 15 seconds at 7 minutes.

Video of the encounter here at WoW Guide Online and here at tankspot.

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