Heigan the unclean (10-man Naxx)

The Heigan dance is intimidating, but for once, it has nothing to do with my fingers. Running my character in a straight line is hardly taxing, except on my nerves. There are two parts of raiding that absolutely terrifies me; the first fifteen minutes and running back after dying. It’s silly, I know, but I have no sense of direction and information overload happens in a snap so that actually getting to the starting point or pick-up point is the biggest challenge in the game. It’s also the source of my insecurity. Playing badly is fixable, but getting lost or not quite understanding what’s going on when the strategy changes is just a permanent flaw that can’t be fixed. Heigan is an obvious catalyst for a wipe fest and all that running back and forth feels like a gauntlet created just for me. I still maintain that the fight itself is easier than it looks. There are two phases again: phase 1, the slow dance and phase two, the fast dance.

Phase 1 (90 seconds)

  • Spell disruption: Increase casting time by 300% for 10 seconds (20 yard range).
  • Decrepit Fever: Reduced the maximum health of all nearby targets (20 yard radius) by 50% for 21 seconds and inflicts 3000 nature damage every 3 seconds for 21 seconds.
  • Eruption: The spell that triggers the Heigan dance. All casters on the platform should be able to avoid it in this phase and the boss is kited through the dance.

Phase 2 (45 seconds)

  • Plague Cloud: The platform is no longer a safe place for casters as Hagen teleports onto it and channels the plague clouse which inflicts 7500 Nature damage to players within 21 yards.
  • Eruption:  Cracks in the floor will erupt with a torrent of plague, inflincting 6650 to 7350 Nature damage to nearby (6 yards) enemies. The torrent only does damage when going up, so it’s safe to start running to the next spot immediately after it spikes. Getting hit is no longer a one-shot, so if you lag a little behind, pot and healthstone and you’ll be fine.

My personal favourite video is here at warcraftmovies.com.


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