Improvement, progression and time

I’m lazy with upgrades. It’s easy to aim for the big improvements and just as easy to let the little things fall by the way side. There is a balance to things and matching appropriate enchants to appropriate gear is sensible. What may appear to be the best at first glance isn’t necessarily the best for me at this time and I am conscious that. However, it’s the little things that do make a difference that I shouldn’t let slip.

I’ve just spent a little time replacing a few enchants, like a spirit enchant where a + intellect used to be and regret having to do so. If I had simply taken the time to obtain the greater cosmic essence required, I wouldn’t need to waste time or resources to replace a reasonable enchant with a very reasonable enchant. I guess I didn’t really have to replace it, but getting things to the point where I feel they should be is a big part of game satisfaction for me.

I haven’t been able to actually play this week and it bothers me. Spending a little time and money on tweaking enchants seems like a valid way to at least affect some improvement. This week’s gear upgrade has been the Titanium Spellshock Ring. Rings and trinkets are always the last to be updated and current gear is no exception. I’ve been tempted to PUG a few heroics to make up the difference, but at this point in time, it seems to be 5-man or 10-mans and in that case, my focus is on the latter. The part of the game I never had any intention of participating in seems to have snuck up on me. A couple of months ago, warcraft was just one big distraction. Sometimes a little fun, but mostly just a way to while away time when it starts to tick a little too slowly.

I haven’t done a 10-man yet in which I hadn’t seriously dislocate a joint (VoA is too insignificant to count). My memories of instances have become laced with pain, but I haven’t stopped going. At some point playing has become more than just a distraction. I don’t know if it will get better or worse with time. I’m hoping better and dreading worse. I’m also not sure if it matters. I’ll either get the hang of end-game content and stick with it regardless of how my body chooses to behave, or I won’t and so I’d quit in a few months. Life is a series of risks and decisions can’t be made on probability alone. Sometimes, taking the risk is worth gaining the experience.  Small improvements are acceptable, for now. I’m content to let it all play out and see how the dice rolls and while it’s all up in the air, I’ll be raiding.