Maexxna on normal (10-man)

A personal favourite. I don’t know why as I don’t particularly favour the fight, but it’s just such a cool spider with such a cute name.

Position: Behind the spider near the wall with the tank in middle.

  • Web wrap: Cast 20 seconds after engaging and then every 40 seconds. Inflicts 2925 – 3575 every two seconds until the wrap is destroyed by another player. Healing: HoTs on the wrapped person to mitigate damage
  • Necrotic Poison: Applied by both Maexxna and the Maexxna Spiderlings: which spawns 30 seconds after engaging and then every 40 seconds. It reduces healing by 90%. They also deal physical damage of about 1000 cloth. Healing: A shaman totem may be used, but Abolish Poison works as well. Just get it off quickly.
  • Web spray: Cast every 40 seconds, stunning all nearby enemies for 4 seconds and dealing 1750 – 2250 nature damage. According to wowhead, “nearby enemies” translates to a radius of 200 yards, so there’s no avoiding this one. Healing: Make sure all your HoTs are up before you’re stunned.
  • Poison Shock: Inflicts 3500 to 4500 Nature damage to players in a 15 yard range in front of her. Healing: Abolish Poison does the trick.
  • Frenzy: She enrages at 30% health to increase attack speed by 50% and physical damage dealt by 50% for ten minutes. Healing: Pop any trinkets you have and keep applying HoTs.

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