Grand Widow Faerlina on Normal (10-man Naxx)

Grand Widow Faerlina and four worshippers stand around her in the room. The MT will target the boss and pull her away from the adds whilst the OT pick up the adds and lower their health without killing them. Every sixty seconds she enrages, increasing attack speed by 50% and physical damage by 150. This frenzy can be negated by sacrificing one of the worshippers by killer them near her just before or after she enrages. If you do it before, you have 30 seconds until the next frenzy and if you do it afterwards, you have 60 seconds. DPSers will be on the boss, switching quickly to the worshipper marked as target when frenzy hits and then switching back to the boss. There are four worshippers, so the process can be repeated four times after which she really should be dead.

Positioning: Position yourself at normal caster range. Be ready to move out of the way whenever the reign of Fire AoE is active.

  1. Rain of Fire: 1850 – 2150 fire damage every two seconds for six seconds in a 10 yard radius. Healing: Stack HoTs across the raid and be ready to use an AoE heal as required.
  2. Fireball: The naxxramas worshippers cast fireballs inflicting 2025 – 2475 fire damage on their target. Healing: if it’s your job to heal the off-tank, be careful not to pull the aggro and get hit instead.
  3. Frenzy: Increases attack speed by 50% and physical damage by 150 and occurs every 60-80 seconds. Healing: All healing on the tank for frenzy. Note that if a worshipper is not sacrificed quickly enough, the poison bolt volley will be cast now, affecting the three nearest players. If frenzy is negated successfully, the poson bolt volley is delayed for 30 seconds.
  4. Poison Bolt Volley: Inflincts 2625- 3375 nature damage and 1480 – 1720 additional damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Healing: Abolish poison on three affected targets whilst keeping up HoTs.

Note: The cardinal DPS rule: No AoE spells until the last worshipper has been sacrificed.


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