Anub-Rekhan on Normal (10-man raid)

The most popular strategy is to position casters and healers in the middle whilst the MT kites Anub around the room during the insect swarm phase. However, kiting isn’t a requirement on 10-man and we’ve healed the MT through the stacking dot without any issue.

Position: Stay far away from the other healers. Find a spot away from other players, but still in range. Make sure nobody is behind you so you don’t get hit by their impale and also make sure nobody is front of you so that they don’t get hit if you’re targeted.


  1. Impale: Spikes are sent out from Anub in a straight line to target a random player, 4813 – 6187 physical damage is dealt to the player as well as anyone caught in the spike by standing in between the boss and the targeted player. On hit, players are knocked into the air and will  suffer 50% fall damage on landing. Resto Healing: The usual. Be prepared to mitigate significant spiked damage across the raid and constant damage on the MT.
  2. Crypt Guards: Adds summoned occasionally throughout the fight and dealt with by the OT. Resto Healing: The usual plus Abolish Poison as debuffs include a poison dealing nature damage (500-600 every two seconds for 10 with a 40 yards range).
  3. Corpse Scarabs:These spawn randomly, usually from the corpse of a crypt guard. May also spawn from the corpse of any dead raid member. Resto Healing: The usual. Be ready with across party heals if these aren’t AoE’ed down quickly enough. Also, be ready to drop aggro if required if the situation begins to get out of hand with multiple spawns overwhelming the mage (usually) burning them down. High priority: keep the mage alive that’s a clothie in melee range.
  4. Locust Swarm: A stacking DoT with a 30 yard range dealing 875 – 1125 nature damage every 2 seconds and leaves them unable to attack (even auto-attack is off) or cast spells. Healing: HoTs should be fully stacked on the MT when the swarm hits. Move out of the 30 yard range, but dart in to heal the MT if necessary and put up with the debuff that will prevent casting for the remainder of the phase.

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