Patch 3.0.8 has arrived

wowscrnshot_012109_132115Everybody in the World of Warcraft have been waiting for this patch for weeks, myself included. Chris has halted all enchanting until the reduced material requirements take effect in this patch and I have been waiting for a few upgrades myself.

Firstly, my mini-polar bear (see picture below) is now an regular bear sized polar bear mount (see image to the left). Chris liked the mini-bear, but I felt as if I had the short-end of the stick; it’s little milling bear legs just looked ridiculous when I was going for impressive; cool; intimidating. You try intimidating the horde in a battleground on a mini-bear mount.

The next big change I have been waiting for is the bug fix of the ‘chef’ title. Some recipes were removed from the game but not form the achievement and I have all my ducks in a row, waiting breathlessly for a long time now.Unfortunately, they got a little impatient and at the fish I saved to cook the fish feast and so, as I’m writing this, my little rogue is making her way first to Sholazar Basin and then Grizzly Hills to catch the required fish.

For anyone else waiting for the changes to get the title too, there are three things you need to do. One – complete the quest for the recipe kungaloosh. A drunk lying in the sewers now have a big yellow exclamation mark, pick up and immediately complete as long as you’ve done the prerequesit quest in Sholazar basin already. Prepare kungaloosh, ingredients purchable from the tree vendor in front of the alliance inn that sells fruity goodness. Two – buy the recipe ‘worg tartare’ from the usual cooking recipe vendor in dalaran and cook it. Three – buy ‘fish feast‘ recipe from said vendor and cook that. Voila! The title is yours.

It’s not scheduled warcraft time, but today, I’m making an exception. I’m positively giddy over the patch. Sure, there’s a few nerfs, but that’s a fact of life. I’m too intoxicated with the imminent ‘chef’ title to care right now. For the full skinny, the patch notes 3.0.8 can be found here:


UPDATE: The thrill of a new patch quickly wore off for most as lag issues became rampant and some instances as well as arenas and lake wintergrasp turned out to be unplayable. I don’t feel as strongly as wowinsider [see: The disaster of patch 3.0.8] does on this issue and are perhaps a little too understanding as I spent the day fishing, cooking and participating in half a dozen Arathi Basin matches and finally got Arathi Basin Perfection, despite the Horde being out in full strength due to other PvP avenues being shut off. I’ll get huffy if weekend raiding and heroics is cancelled due to the patch over the weekend, but until then, I’m content with my new title, achievement and fishing skill that is nearing 450.