GlovePie Heaven

winter-glove-10I use GlovePIE, which stands for Glove Programmable Input Emulator to map my mouse to my joystick. I have great difficulty using a computer mouse and with the help of Carl Kenner’s program, I can now use a joystick instead. It’s been a life-changing experience. I came across GlovePie whilst reading about a Aaron Stacey who uses a joystick to control his character in World of Warcraft. It was inspiring, but I didn’t want to just move my character with a joystick. I needed to replace all mouse functions with joystick functions. My personal requirements were immediately obvious.: 1. I didn’t want to be a keyboard turner. It’s not a vanity thing, it’s a pvp thing. I have enough problems succeeding in pvp without adding arc wheel turns to it. 2. It had to replace my mouse entirely and not just provide alternative character movement as I need to use my joystick both within and outside of Warcraft in place of a mouse.

Chris was kind enough to have a quick read through the manual and churn out the following for me. As it was a rush job, all the joystick buttons have not been mapped. However, I will not be using buttons 7 – 12 at all as I’d need my left hand which are always on my N52te and buttons 1 – 6 have replaced my mouse buttons entirely. The only thing we still miss is the scroll button which we’re still working on.

It’s been working perfectly so far, except for human error. It’s a whole new concept for my muscles to assimilate and they’re struggling quite a bit to adapt. I do think that the hardware and software have the potential to allow hours of play, if my hands can learn the new tricks. Here’s my script:

mouse.DirectInputX = mouse.DirectInputX + 50*joystick.x
mouse.DirectInputY = mouse.DirectInputY + 50*joystick.y

Key.Space = Joystick1.Button1
mouse.leftbutton = Joystick1.Button2
mouse.RightButton = Joystick1.Button2
mouse.leftbutton = Joystick1.Button3
mouse.rightbutton = Joystick1.Button4
Key.Enter = Joystick1.Button5
Key.Escape = Joystick1.Button6
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button7
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button8
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button9
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button10
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button11
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button12