parchment-roll-uid-1446147The term WTF have only recently registered on my radar as a couple of in-game error messages have flashed up starting with WTF, leaving me to exclaim WTF? and call Chris over. Turns out that WTF stands for Warcraft Text File and it sits inside my Warcraft folder and holds my interface preferences. As I have been rehauling my UI, it’s no surprise that this error message should pop up.

A little bit of on-line digging has revealed the following: WoW Insider on the topic. The most useful piece of information for me personally? I can adjust the tab distance for targeting. It’s currently set at 45 yards as default, but I would really prefer it to be a bit further out.

A second possible bonus point is that it solves the problem of not being able to get into warcraft if my realm is down as I can’t get to the change realm button as long as my realm is down. I can appararently, change it in the file, solving the issues of what to do when Lightbringer EU is down once and for all. I think it may just be WTF FTW!