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ipod “Courtesy of Apple “
Image “Courtesy of Apple “

I am so smitten with my iPod shuffle that I’m seriously considering purchasing a second one to make up for its biggest flaw – difficulty finding a particular track. If I had one for a music play list set on shuffle and one dedicated to an audio book, that problem will disappear. It’s a tempting thought. I could even colour code them to tell them apart. There are many mp3 players on the market, but the iPod shuffle is my personal favourite. Here’s why:

Positive features:

  • It’s small and light
  • It’s affordable
  • Usable with my eyes shut.
  • Built-in clip: easy to attach to anything
  • Standard ear-bud socket so you can choose a pair of earphones that you like
  • Sound quality is pretty good, particularly with personal choice of ear-buds
  • The only light is both the ‘on’ as well as battery indicator: green for go, orange for low and  red for near to zero.
  • Dock connector that makes it easy to plug into my computer and bedside dock station.
  • Shuffle switch – shuffle function be turned on or off.
  • Easy sync with my iTunes library

Room for Improvement:

  • The only way to select tracks is to turn off shuffle and manually skip through by using either the next or previous track button. Hell on my fingers.*
  • The forwarding button is awful because it’s not a button. Holding down the ‘next track’ button forwards through the current track. I keep skipping on to the next track without meaning to. Very frustrating.
  • The shuffle switch and on/off buttons are sliders, making them near impossible for me to use. It’s very disappointing to have the autonomy in use except for turning it on or off.
  • The clip is a little too minimalistic with no ‘grab on’ feature. It’s smooth and flat and my fingers slide straight off.

*I am aware that the track select function is deliberately minimalistic on this version. I don’t expect a complicated fix. It would have been nice to have the current fast-forward function as a fast track select function instead, so that I can hold down the next/previous track buttons to skip through multiple tracks. There is just about space to add one more fast-forward button, solving the next issue.

Chris prefers the nano and if I ever fall in love with the Windows Vista screen reader, I would think about getting the iPod nano (4th generation). For now, I’m still smitten with my metallic sea-green shuffle.

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