Choosing my druid build

As a druid, you can choose to be a ranged DPS, melee DPS, tank or healer through selection of the right build coupled with appropriate gear. I levelled mainly as a feral druid, respecced briefly as a moonkin at level 70 (returning to feral for leveling in WotLK) and a swiftkin near 80 and have no gone deep resto. I’m now a tree!

It was an easy decision to make. Cat form is by far the easiest form for solo leveling. I breezed through levels as cat and loved every minute of it. However, that’s about the extent of use for cat form. If I want melee DPS, I prefer a rogue for the job.

Bear form is a viable tank, but with all the shiny Death Knights swarming over Azeroth, there’s a little too much competition for my taste. Also, tanks tend to be in charge and I have enough on my plate in group play without the added work of being raid/party leader.

Moonkin in different shapes and flavours hold a definite attraction. I like moonkins. I don’t love their chunky looks, but the additional 370% armor and serious spell power I don’t care what my druid looks like. I’ve gotten over my initial dislike of mana-based classes and recall fondly my first days in Teldrassil. I picked the Alliance solely for a night elf druid. Marketing works and I fell in love with the night elf druid from the first world of warcraft opening scenery I saw. I wouldn’t have wanted to start WoW anywhere else. I loved the Night Elf vibes and still visit Darnassus with a sense of nostalgia. I enjoyed my leather clad balance little night elf, until I learned cat form. Despite the personal attraction and definite viability of being a moonkin, I ran into a few problems whilst grouping this week. The healer shortage meant I was the healer in every group regardless of spec. I had players whisper me with guild invitations, offers to run me through anything from The Nexus to Naxx despite my inexperience and even a few offers to help me level to 80 quickly so I can come heal a heroic. Nobody cared that I had a hybrid spec, if you have any points in the restoration tree, you’re a viable healer. I discovered that I love playing a healer and if that’s what I enjoy, it seemed silly to be a moonkin.

I’m a resto druid for the first time since starting my Druid almost a year ago. I have no inkling as to what I should be doing. I know nothing about talent points, builds, appropriate gear, macros or healing. I have selected a build from wowwiki for now and have gone with mostly +intellect and +spirit blue gear as it seemed vaguely in the right direction. I have a feeling that 2009, or at least January of 2009, will be a time of learning all about trees and best to be one.

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