WoW: Some druid exploits

druidflightformChoosing a class is a difficult decision to make. I do like my alts, but I’m also ambitious enough to want to have a main for all that time consuming grinding and end-game goodies. I’m not shelling out money for 50 mounts for each toon, I’m not even reaching into my pocket for expensive flight training. It was dubious decision to spend 6k gold today to get my druid’s flight form. Partially because I’m a scrooge, but also because it’s admitting that my level 80 rogue is not a sustainable main. All that moving is just a little more than my joints can handle.

Questing in Storm Peaks today yielded an interesting alternative to flight form. It’s reminded me that it’s all about the little things – the ‘I want to be superman’ flying druid (as featured below), the throwing of snowballs at passers-by in Dalaran and hanging out in a gnome disguise that prevent shape shifting in Alterac Valley trying to get 50 pvp kills. It’s easy to focus on all the things that are difficult or impossible to do, so easy, that sometimes I forget to notice the things I can do. And as of today, my druid can fly. Whoo-hoo!