Click To Move

The click-to-move function lets you use mouse clicks to move to destinations. Click on where you want to go and your character automatically makes it’s way there. Unfortunately, it’s not very smart pathing, so it tends to send you in a straight line and if there’s an obstacle in the way, you’re stuck. Despite its limitations, it’s a very useful function. I find that when I’m running a medium to long distance on my land mount, I can steer in straight lines with the occasional click. It’s no real improvement if keyboard keys are being used to steer as once you’re on auto-run, steering is just hitting a directional button. But if you’re using the mouse, it’s the occasional click instead of having to hold down the right mouse button and moving the mouse.

To turn on click-to-move once you’re in-game:

  1. Press Esc
  2. Select Interface
  3. Select Mouse
  4. Tick the ‘click-to-move’ box
  5. Escape to exit

The real beauty of turning on click-to-move is when gathering things and when looting. If you’re too far away from the target when you click to loot or gather, it will automatically move you into range and then perform the tasked function.


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