Baen Electronic Books

We have home library with a couple of thousand books or so. Reading is one of those things you can still do when most other usual activities become impossible. Figuring out ways of positioning books and turning pages can get interesting, but figuring out what to do when reading books become difficult is a whole other matter.

I’m turning into a bit of a sci-fi junkie and it was quite frustrating to have a book sit on the shelf that I can’t read until I found that quite a few of the Baen books are available for free in electronic copy without copyright infringement. I started at the Baen free library, and also moved on to the fifth imperium.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying paper books. I’m emotional about actual books and electronic equipment is noisy in a bad way. During very bad migraine days, few things come close to the pleasure of having Chris next to me with an open book trying not to rustle the pages whilst reading in a quiet voice.

Unfortunately, I can’t keep Chris around as a professional reader, as much as I’d like to. One good alternative is audio books, but as much as I am learning that audio books are actually really fun, listening to a book is still not reading a book. The reader makes certain decisions for me with their tone of voice and character interpretations and sometimes I just like to read and use my imagination to its full extent. An electronic copy with adjustable text size and brightness makes that sometimes possible.