It’s the Winterveil achievement Fa-la-la-la-Ogri’la that kept me occupied at 2 am in the morning. If I had unlocked the chain for the level 70 daily quest Bomb the again! it would be quite easy. As easy as doing daily flying quest you’ve done dozens of times, with one change – use the holly obtained by kissing a winter reveler to turn the flying mount into a reindeer.  As Chris and I have not completed the quest chain that unlocks that daily, we’re going to have to work that much harder on getting this achievement.

The quest chain is this:

  1. Speak with the Ogre: We start off in the Terrace of Light in Shat with V’eru who send us to speak to Grok, who resides in the lower city.
  2. Mog’dorg the Wizened: Grok sends us to talk to Mog’dorg who resides in Blade’s Edge Mountains (55, 44.7). On completing this quest, three level 70 elite-kill-and-loot group quests open up. I am hoping to duo these with a rogue(80)/druid(75) and mage(77)
  3. Grulloc Has Two Skulls: In Blade’s Edge, slay Grulloc (60.5 47.4 or there abouts) and steal his Dragon skull.
  4. Maggoc’s Treasure Chest: In Blade’s Edge, slay Maggoc, who wanders around Death’s Door and take his empty treasure chest.
  5. Even Gronn Have Standards:In Terokkar Forest, just outside Shattrath, slay Slaag (20.2, 16.6) and take Slaag’s Standard,
  6. Grim(oire) Business: A summon-then-kill quest in Blade’s Edge again. To summon Vim’gol the Vile (77.5, 31.5), you technically require five players. Apparently, if you mount up and ride, sprint or blink, you can do it with 3-4 players. I guess we could try it with just the two of us, but I suspect we may need to find at least a third player.
  7. Into the Soulgrinder: Now we’re off to free Skulloc’s Soul in Gruul’s Lair (Blade’s Edge still). Start the quest by reading from the grimoire (provided). Non-elite ghosts spawn for 2 minutes and attack the soulgrinder that has also appeared and if you can mange to defend it from the ghosts, pylons will start to light up and once four are lit, the elite Skulloc should spawn. Kill and loot and hand-in, you’re done.