Adjust the font size for Windows Vista

It has taken me a while to figure out exactly how to make the standard text in Vista bigger. I have been squinting at my Desktop and tend to automatically lean forward whenever I have to select the start button. I remember things by their place rather than their name. That’s a habit that I picked up long before my recent rapid visual decline, but one I have found useful with untrustworthy eyes that tend to go completely blurry when the lens moves out of its assigned home. As a result, my instructions tend to be numerical, i.e. click on the button at the bottom left corner, select the third option form the top then click on the fifth item in the drop-down menu.

Turning up the font size on my computer is a rather small adaption that can be reverted at any point should I wish to do so, but would allow me to actually see my desktop rather than leaving me to count my way across the screen. It was actually a surprisingly easy thing to do:

  • Click on the start button and select ‘Control Panel’ (second panel, third item from the bottom)
  • Once in the control panel, select ‘Personalization’
  • In the left column, click on ‘Adjust font size (DPI)’
  • A Warning message pops up that says ‘Windows needs your permission to continue” I gave it permission to continue by clicking on ‘continue’
  • Another pop-up pops up called ‘DPI scaling’ and it presented me with three options selected via radio buttons: (i) default (96DPI), (ii) larger (120DPI), (iii) Custom. I made my selection and pressed ok.
  • A message flashed up to tell me that the change will not take effect until I restarted my computer, so I rebooted and it immediately took effect. Voila!

I’m pretty sure that I have moved (or have been sent on a sabbatical at least) to the world of visual impairment rather than paying a quick visit as I had first thought and hoped it would be. At first it was a panic laden trip, but I’ve discovered that I haven’t really lost anything. I’ve just been diverted into an alternate reality. I can adapt (either temporarily or permanently) or stubbornly persist that I don’t need to adapt as I’m really just a visitor and I’ll be going back to my old world shortly.