Winter Veil


The winter veil festival has started and I would love to get as many of the achievements as is physically possible. My strategy is to try and break up events into 20 – 30 minute play slots as much as possible, spread it over multiple days and solo/duo as much as possible as it’s difficult to PUG with the adapted system I currently have set up.

My biggest hurdles are (i) the winter hat and (ii) the Og’rila based quest as I haven’t been unable to unlock that daily. I’ll be strategizing those events and hopefully with a little ingenuitity will be able to get those done too. The winter veil achievements are pretty achievable:


Scrooge: Easiest of them all. Buy the snowball from the festival vendor by the bank in Ironforge and go throw it at the king in Ironforge. Progress: Complete

The Winterveil Gourmet: Step 1: Gingerbread cookie. Obtain recipe and holiday spices from smokywood pastures vendor and small eggs can be farmed or purchased. Step 2: Egg Nog. The recipe, holiday spirits and holiday spices can be bought from the smokywood pastures venfors, the small egg farmed or bought on the auction house and the ice cold milk is sold in the nearby inn in Ironforge. Step 3: Hot apple cider: The recipe and all its ingredients can be bought from the festival vendors. Progress: Complete

With a little helper from my friends: Not quite easy, but definitely doable. Note to self: rush on the glovepie / joystick installation to replace mouse. All that is required is to get myself to Ironforge, walk into the Wondervolt machine at the gates and go see a battle master. Winter Veil is running for 19 days, that means playing every day I just need 2-3 honor kills and if I can manage 4 a day in the little outfit (that is cancelled on death), I only have to PvP for 12 days. UPDATE: This was very easy to complete on my shadowstep rogue, but proving to be quite tricky on a druid that’s not allowed to shapeshift. I am managing it by camping my druid in a popular battle spot in Alterac Valley and shadowmelting. Progress: Complete(rogue)/In progress (druid)

Let it Snow: Obtain a handful of snowflakes by kissing a winter reveler (be aware that the alliance revelers in Dalaran is currently bugged) then throw it at the appropriate class/race. I found all the Alliance characters by the bank in Ironforge:

  • Gnome Mage
  • Human Warrior
  • Night Elf Druid
  • Dwarf Paladin
  • Draenei Priest.

I’m sure I’ll be seeing plenty of Horde characters in the battlegrounds, in Dalaran and around Northrend and am keeping my eyes open for a:

  • Orc Death Knight
  • Tauren Shaman
  • Undead Rogue
  • Troll Hunter
  • Blood Elf Warlock

UPDATE: The Draenei Priest and Orc Death Knight was the hardest to find, but both were spotted finally in Dalaran. Progress: Complete


On Metzen!: Easy enough to solo at level 80 as it only requires level 40, methinks and even easier with the help of a mage. Step 1: Pick up the quest in Ironforge, fly to the Searing Gorge and rescue Metzen (waypoint 69,43.2). OR: Portal to Dustwallow Marsh, fly to Tanaris and rescue Metzen there (way point 73.3,48) and portal back to Ironforge. Progress: Complete

Simply Abominable: Three quests to be completed that require level 30, so I think I can manage it at level 80. Step 1: Start with Stolen Winter Veil Treats. Pick up the quest by the bank in Ironforge, fly to Southshore, run to Alterac Mountains and find the strange snowman at [/way 35 72]. Step 2: Complete quest and pick up You’re a mean one… (I know it says Horde, but I can’t find the alliance page and it’s the same quest). The mean Yeti spawns at 30,60 as well as 40,63 as well as 34,67. Or just look for the mob of players standing around and throwing snowballs at each other waiting for it to spawn just to kill it in less than a second. If you’re with a mage, portal back to Ironforge to hand in, otherwise run then fly like the rest of us. Step 3: On handing in the quest, you will immediatel be offered: A smokywood pastures’ thank you!. To complete, walk over to Greatfather Winter and hand it in. Progress: Complete

A Frosty Shake: Once you’ve completed the three quests for Simply Abominable, you will receive a Winterveil Disguise Kit in the mail about 24 hours post-completion. Make your way to Darnassus with a partner, don your disguise and /dance. Progress: In progress

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s: Step 1: Obtain 9 pieces of mistletoe by kissing winter revelers. Step 2: Find the brothers:

  • Goldshire, Brother Wilhelm (40.5,65.2)
  • Stormwind Cathedral Square, Brother Kristoff (45.8,38.7)
  • Stormwind Cathedral, Brother Benjamin (41.1,28.6)
  • Stormwind Cathedral, Brother Joshua (38.7,26.8)
  • Stormwind Cathedral, Brother Cassius (43.3,26.8)
  • Stormwind Cathedral, Brother Crowley (41.0,26.1)
  • Stranglethorn Vale, Rebel Camp, Brother Nimetz (37.9,3.6)
  • Gryphon to Booty Bay, Boat to Ratchet, Gryphon to Theramore or portal to Theramore. Theramore, Brother Karman (67.3,47.4)
  • Gryphon to Desolace, Nijel’s Point, Brother Anton (66.5,7.8) Progress: Complete


Crashin’ & Thrashin‘: Crash the Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer, which is from the winter veil presents handed out on the 25th. Step 1: Log in on Christmas day and try to get a hold of one the proceed to crash it 25 times.

He knows if you’ve been naughty: Another christmas day one. Step 1: Open up a present on the 25th.


Fa-la-la O’grila: UPDATE: There are seven quests to unlock the daily, more about that here. Progress: In progress

‘Tis the season: Step 1: Get the red winter clothes. As Chris’ mage is a tailorer, I already have mine. Step 2: Get the winter boots. As my rogue is a leatherworker, all done too. Step 3: Get the hat. Hmm. Issue. The WoW grapevine has it that the hat is a very rare world drop as well as a 100% drop from end-game instance bosses. For me with WotLK installed, I’m going to try for Grand Magus Telestra in The Nexus. as a rogue/mage or druid/mage duo whilst hoping for a world drop whilst farming for cloth. Step 4: Get the cake. I did Treats for Greatfather Winter and it was in my mailbox within the hour. Progress: Just need the hat