Firefox Accessibility Themes

Mozilla Firefox has been my browser of choice for a very long time. As I squinted at the toolbars again today, trying to remember them by memory as I couldn’t read the text, it occured to me that there’s probably something that I could do to make Firefox a little more accessible.

In seconds I found this page on their site and thirty seconds after that I could see the icons as the HiVis Large by Ed Hulme Theme kicked in. It’s not perfect for me. It eats up too much screen real estate for that to be the case. I also prefer having a little more choice in text size and design, but it’s a vast improvement over the standard theme. The mentioned page also contains six other large text themes and the Metal Lion looks promising of a bit more complicated. Complicated is bad for time management, but great for customizability. I will be revisiting the various themes later on if this turns out to be a reasonably good solution and set it up to my liking.

I remain an avid Firefox supporter and the more I tweak this browser to suit my needs, the more I realise that there’s more tweaking that can still be done. I’ll be stopping into Access Firefox regularly to read up on more browser customization possibilities.


3 thoughts on “Firefox Accessibility Themes

  1. I have been using and letting people know about this add on for about a year now it is firefox acessbar and It does enlargement of font changing color highlights text and search box so your eye finds them faster in addition to its reader I have used firefox since it came out and will only use it it is wonderful

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