The Dreaming Void

Peter F. Hamilton is most definitely one of my favourite authors. I rarely buy hardback books, but these are the exception. All Hamilton books are ordered from as soon as they’re available pre-publication.

Unfortunately the 650-odd pages are too heavy for me to pick up. Chris usually places it on my over-the-bed/couch table that’s tilted to a 45 degree angle and snaps it on with two elastic bands wrapped around the table. I can’t read it independently, but when my eyes are good enough to see the letters and Chris is around to turn the pages, it’s an accomplishable feat. This mechanism is not ideal as I tend to take a year to read the book. That may sound like a positive as there’s a book published about once a year, but it’s highly insufficient if the book is a page-turner.

As Chris read ‘the dreaming void’ in less than 48 hours during a working week and showed the same voracity in devouring the temporal void, I know it’s going to be a fantastic read. Chris isn’t big on words and rarely talk much about books, but the speed he progresses through is an accurate indicator of how good the book is. No book is read quicker than the latest Peter F. Hamilton.

I’d read as avidly as he does if I could, but since that’s not possible, I’ll settle for as quick as I can muster. The solution for me is an audio book. I was stuck on chapter one for a long time. I find it difficult to get into new fiction and the first of a trilogy counts as new fiction. I kept falling asleep whilst listening which required a whole lot of rewinding come the next listening sessions. It was Inigo’s first dream that hooked me and chapter two, three and four went by much quicker. The last three chapters were  a blur as I kept my iPod on until my ears were bleeding from the pressure of the earphones. (Yes, we’ve since bought an iPod dock).

I read both science fiction and fantasy and this is one book that blends the two genres very well. I don’t have ‘the temporal void’ on audio, yet, but the hardback is almost jumping off the shelf onto my reading table. Wish I had a third hand. I’ll just have to wait for Chris to get back from work to be a page turner and if I ask nicely enough, maybe even a book reader / story teller.