The office of public sector information

I am still frequently amazed by what’s available on the Internet. The Office of public sector sector information are one of those sites that I doubt many brows at their leisure. The disability discrimination act (DDA) 1995 is probably the best-known and most used piece of disability legislation and yet people know of it but not all that much about what’s in it.

The a complete version can be found here: Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Recent amendments may also be worth a look, like the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and Equality Act 2006. It’s not necessarily an enlightening read, legal documents do tend to leave the general public wondering exactly what the words mean, but with a little intellectual application, it becomes palatable. The DDA is not a document I will refer to often personally, but it is useful information.

There are other interesting things to read as well, like the Data Protection Act 1998, and copies of legislation passed between 1836 and 2008. The internet is so often reduced to the collective works of the lowest denominator. I frequently hear comments like ‘but anybody can put up a web site’ as justification for not making use of it at all. I have also come across the other end of the spectrum, i.e. those who believe everything they read. Writing it down seem to somehow make it credible in their minds. I’ve heard the most astounding comments start with ‘I read somewhere….’ which somehow is a their way of saying ‘it has to be true’. The first example that comes to mind are urban myths, like people swallowing spiders on a regular basis whilst sleeping. Don’t believe everything you hear or read, but don’t discard something simply because it can be found on-line either. There is, as always, a mid-way. The internet can be many things depending on who uses it for which purpose.