I used to think of success as a series of events on a straight line graph where x = performance and  y = expectations. The slope always stays the same and as expectations increase, so does performance or maybe vice versa.

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The complexity of management and self-management of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

I am a text book case on how not to manage Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. My life has been marked by times where I lacked any support contrasting by time where it has been over medicalised, excessively complicated and many assessments I have had no choice but to undergo was heavy on the scepticism and risk management and low on compassion, knowledge and understanding.

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Spring morning in the new forest

“The best lies about me are the ones I told.”

It started slowly after a lovely day. Monday. Monday was the first true day of spring.

We set out for an Extreme Easter Trail at Foxbury in the New Forest, arranged by Cadbury’s and the National Trust. It was extreme.

Supergirl learned how to make fire with a spark, made smores (toasted marshmallows) over an open fire and I spilled hot coffee over my clean jeans because I overreached and thought I could manage a disposable cup. Continue reading